HealthTrust and In-Person Inspections

Our practice specializes exclusively in senior housing and care; thus, we have been monitoring the Delta variant that has led to a significant uptick in COVID-19 cases in some areas. At present, we are not aware of any CDC or state mandates that prohibit in-person interior inspections of properties; however, regardless of CDC or state mandates, or lack thereof, it remains the purview of the operator to allow or deny us access, a situation that is occurring in areas of rising cases. Our preference remains to safely inspect properties and to that end, we are reconfirming interior access and inspection protocols prior to traveling and adhering to the on-site requirements when we arrive. In those infrequent cases where we are not permitted to inspect the interior, we will notify our client immediately and only then resort to a virtual interior inspection if directed accordingly.

Our best wishes to all for safety and hopefully a speedy end to COVID-19 and its disruptions.

Alan Plush, MAI
CEO / HealthTrust

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