HealthTrust Partner; Maxfli Winner Enjoys 18 with PGA Tour Pro Fred Couples

On Friday, March 1, Boston resident Dave Salinas played what will likely be the most exciting round of his life at Sand Piper Country Club in Santa Barbara, CA. Salinas, who won Maxfli Golf’s Dream Round to play 18 with his favorite golfer, PGA Tour Professional Fred Couples, admits he had some first-tee jitters.

“I didn’t realize how nervous I was until the first tee,” Salinas, an avid player and 2 handicap said. “My hands were a little numb, and it took me about four or five holes to get comfortable. And, then, Troy Aikman (former Dallas Cowboys quarterback) played through. It was truly a surreal experience, from the time I got to the club and bumped into Freddie in the parking lot, goofing around hitting practice balls, to interviewing with television media. ”

Despite the distraction and local television media, Salinas posted an 80 on what’s regarded as a pretty tough course. And Couples? “Freddie played like Freddie,” Salinas said. “He had a casual 70, was right down the middle all day long, and finished birdie, birdie, birdie.”

Salinas came away from the experience with a newfound appreciation for the skill level of PGA Tour players, and some personalized lesson advice from Couples. “On 17 and 18, Fred told me to drop down a club and hit a softer cut shot on my irons. I took his advice and made a birdie on 17, and stuck it on 18. I’m definitely going to practice what he showed me.”

Couples also enjoyed meeting one of his fans. “David’s a true golf nut, and we had fun talking about the Red Sox, various golf tournaments and the game of golf,” Couples said. “I really enjoyed meeting him and getting to know him.”

Before meeting Couples, Salinas would follow Couples at the various PGA Tour events he travels to. If it’s possible, he’s even more of a fan now than ever. “Fred told me to come see him at the Masters. I have tickets to the practice round on Wednesday, and I’m going to follow him at Augusta.”

In a day filled with memories, Salinas believes what he’ll remember most is “how cordial Fred was. It was great to play with him; it was great to meet him; it was just an incredible day. He even hung out afterward and had a beer with us. He’s the real deal…he’s just a super, super guy.”

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